Orange Tee

Today my outfit used the same colours as last Sunday’s (red, orange, pink and blue), however the result is quite different. For a start this time around the base is orange rather than blue, and this is a very casual look.

I have concluded that it’s time to add an orange tee to my shopping list. This one is very sad and faded and worn – in fact I may possibly have retrieved it from the “gym clothes” pile. As this is the third time I’ve worn it on this blog (and now that it’s too hot to hide most of it under layers), obviously I want to wear orange from time to time so it will be a worthwhile investment. Now I just need to find some energy to brave the shops at this frantic time of year. Easier said than done!


One thought on “Orange Tee

  1. Megan

    You could probably find a cute orange top online, and that way you don’t have to brave the stores :) It’s a great color on you so the investment is worth it!


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