Close Enough

Close Enough (1)

Close Enough (2)

Close Enough (3)

I’ve worn this skirt before, but usually for a slightly more dressed-up look and generally with a purple top (or once with a coral one). I haven’t been perfectly satisfied with the outfits created with this skirt of late, so I thought perhaps I should try wearing it in a casual outfit instead. And with something other than a purple top.

I picked up this aqua top and held it against the skirt. Something inside me squirmed seeing the aqua against the mint in the skirt. But then I decided to give it a chance, and by the time I’d added a belt to the skirt I thought maybe it was sort of ok after all. Nobody else was likely to look as closely as me, or care half as much. I think it’s good to accept a bit of “close enough” now and then; my experience is that this opens my eyes to more possibilities for future outfits which is great. The more use I can get out of my existing clothes the better!


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