Hot Pink Lipstick Dare

Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (1)

Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (2)

Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (3)

Today marks the beginning of December, and for me and many other readers of Fox In Flats it is the beginning of DAREcember! During DAREcember every day holds a new style challenge – keeping us on our toes, trying new things and most importantly remembering to look after ourselves in the midst of the frantic festive season.

I wasn’t originally going to participate in DAREcember as I had planned a couple of weeks blogging break from Christmas day. Also some of the dares I didn’t think I could complete without purchasing new items (which I’d rather avoid right now). But then I realised that was a pathetic cop-out! So I am instead committing to take part up until the 24th (which is a decent chunk of the month anyway). And I’m just going to have to get creative to complete some of the challenges – I’ve already asked a friend if I can borrow a vintage item for the 11th, so that’s one day covered.

I did have to buy a lipstick for today’s Hot Pink Lipstick dare, but I tried to choose a colour that I might wear again and found one that was pretty cheap on sale. I know it doesn’t look super bright in the photos, but I promise you the name of the lipstick is actually “Hot Pink” and it was definitely outside my comfort zone to wear!

For me this was absolutely NOT a way to ease into DAREcember. I was incredibly self-conscious with my dark pink lips and felt very conspicuous at my friend’s baby shower this afternoon. But you know what? Nobody commented except one friend who knew I was participating in DAREcember, and I didn’t catch anybody staring weirdly at my lips. Which just goes to show, you can get away with more than you think you can.

Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (4)


2 thoughts on “Hot Pink Lipstick Dare

  1. Jess

    I meant to tell you, it looked great! I was thinking myself after seeing you that I need to break out my red lippy again! Thanks for inspiring me (again!) ;)


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