Boots Dare

Boots Dare (1)

Boots Dare (2)

Boots Dare (3)

Day five of DAREcember: wear boots. I’ll admit straight up that I very nearly piked on this one! I was still going to wear boots, but hidden under some safe bootcut jeans, incidentally the only way I have ever worn these brown boots in the six years I’ve owned them.

I knew this dare was going to lead me outside my comfort zone and as I had a busy day coming up I tried a few things out last night. I just couldn’t find anything I was happy with – I quite liked the idea of a floaty floral dress with boots, but alas no floaty floral dresses in my wardrobe. I could have worn my maxi dress – but I knew I’d need that for the following day (dress dare).

This morning when I went to put on my selected outfit I really didn’t want to wear it and decided I’d just wear jeans instead – the weather wasn’t that hot so why not? But I knew that for me it would be going against the spirit of the dare; to shake things up a bit and try something new. I changed my top to this simple white one and removed all accessories and then it suddenly didn’t seem so crazy to me. Not my favourite outfit, and I don’t have any plans to wear boots again during summer any time soon, but not a complete disaster either.

Boots Dare (4)


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