Braid Dare

Braid Dare (1)

Braid Dare (2)

Braid Dare (3)

Day nine of DAREcember, the braid. This was a tricky one, mostly because my hair isn’t that long so my braiding options are limited. My initial plan was to do a narrow french braid around my hairline from left to right, creating a headband effect, but I realised early on in my attempt of this that it was a bit too ambitious. What I ended up with was a mini braid along my hairline on just one side of my part, which I then pinned back behind my ear. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty subtle, and I couldn’t be sure that anybody even noticed it today!

I’ve finally gotten around to finding a different top to go with this skirt that I’ve been struggling to wear. It’s essentially a white blouse so I’m not going to award myself bonus points for creativity, but it’s a step in the right direction. Before I pronounce that this skirt belongs in my functional wardrobe I’d like to pair it with at least one other colour – I’m definitely feeling more optimistic about its future though, especially after finding today that I can wear a belt with the skirt (it doesn’t have belt loops but it still managed to stay in place easily). I find that a belt seems to really help tie together a skirt and top that aren’t a perfect match.

Now for a shout-out to RoboMum who has tagged me as part of a Christmas List link-up from Essentially Jess. The top five things I’d like from Santa this year:
1. A project planner to totally organise shed-home-office project we’d like to do. I hate the thought of all the paperwork and trying to bring it in on budget myself.
2. A year’s supply of coffee and cake at a great cafe. I do miss cafe outings, which have become very rare now that we are living on one income.
3. To be awesomely fit with no effort on my behalf. Or if that’s unrealistic, somebody to come jogging with me at 7:30am every day; fear of letting somebody else down is probably my best motivator when I’m half asleep in a warm bed.
4. A new tummy, nice and flat. Mind you this should probably wait until I’m sure I’m finished with having babies first.
5. A decent shopping budget with an awesome stylist to accompany me! I’m doing the best I can on a small budget, but I’d love to really invest in some great quality pieces.

(Sorry for being a party pooper and not linking on, but I’m not sure who else would like to be involved that hasn’t already been included)


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