Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares

Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (1)

Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (2)

Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (3)

Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (4)

Today I’m doing two dares at once for DAREcember: yesterday’s Red Nail Polish Dare and today’s Vintage Dare. Without going into too much detail, I spent yesterday using my washing machine instead of painting my toenails. Turns out you can’t get a 10-month-old baby to vomit into a bucket. Anyway.

So here I am today feeling appropriately festive with my red and sparkles! I chose to paint my toenails as I don’t particularly like my fingernails and hence don’t wish to draw attention to them. Not that my toenails are amazing, it’s just that people generally don’t look at them close up (except when I publish a picture of them on the internet).

I was trying to remember the last time I painted my toenails, and I’m pretty sure it was 2001 (perhaps you can tell that from my dodgy paint job). Yes it’s been quite a while, and honestly I’m getting a tiny bit freaked out every time I catch a glimpse of red out of the corner of my eye. Knowing myself though, I’m giving me a 60% chance of keeping them red for the whole of summer (based on the fact I’ll get used to it and then figure it takes less effort to randomly patch up the polish than remove it completely).

This pretty sparkly vintage brooch is not mine, alas, I borrowed it from a friend specifically for this style challenge. It’s not that I’m against vintage, it’s just that I’ve only recently gotten over my irrational fear of second-hand shops and so far the only items I’ve bought can’t really be considered vintage. I do have a small collection of vintage tea cups and I suppose it might have been possible to incorporate one of these in my outfit, perhaps on a headband. But probably not without looking completely mad. So in conclusion, it’s lucky for me that I have friends with good vintage taste!

Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (5)

Just in case you wanted to see a massive picture of my feet. You probably DON’T, but it’s too late now ;)


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