All Black Dare

All Black Dare (1)

All Black Dare (2)

All Black Dare (3)

DAREcember‘s challenge for day thirteen was to wear all black. I was a bit nervous about this, so I checked up on the rules and was relieved to see that looking like a mourner was discouraged and that up to 10% colour was permitted for the outfit. Phew! It’s not that I don’t wear black – I often do – but I wouldn’t normally wear an outfit made up entirely of black.

As much as I would have liked to have added more colour, I figured this was a useful exercise in restraint so I kept it black and simple except for my shoes. Because these shoes are so cute and fun (along with my red toenails leftover from Day Ten), I didn’t feel too serious in all my black. And do you know what, this experiment has made me more open to wearing black items together. I think I will wear this black top and jeans combo again, although next time around I will absolutely be adding some more colour – a belt, necklace, bracelet, scarf, or possibly all of the above!

Tomorrow is a day off for me as far as DAREcember goes – “curls” are what I wear every day (some days more successfully that others I’ll admit). So I have freedom to wear whatever I like! Except for any item that I might need for another dare in the next few days. We’ll call that limited freedom I guess ;)

All Black Dare (4)

(Top: Target $20)


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