Curl Dare

Curl Dare (1)

Curl Dare (2)

Curl Dare (3)

Today’s challenge for DAREcember was curls, which was never going to be a problem to me. My hair was actually straight as a child, slowly turning curly through high school. I feel like the curl has dropped out a little since having babies, but I still wear it curly as it’s just so easy to wash it and leave it to dry by itself with perhaps a little anti-frizz product thrown in. I did make a special effort today, putting a little extra product in and scrunching my hair while it was drying. I think it made a difference – perhaps it’s not my hair that’s less curly since kids, but just that I have less time for scrunching!

Today is the first day I used an “inspiration outfit” from my Pinterest collection to decide what to wear. I’ve been struggling to find tops to put with this pink spotty skirt, but got the idea to use a lighter shade of pink from Kendi Everyday. Kendi’s version has more contrast between the shades of pink, which I prefer, but I’m working with what I’ve got available to me.

(Top: Brown Sugar $28)


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