Lace Dare

Lace Dare (1)

Lace Dare (2)

Lace Dare (3)

Lace Dare (4)

Day 21 of DAREcember is all about lace. Lace is something I don’t often wear, but I decided recently that I’d like to get a white lace top. I liked the idea of having a simple white top that would go with everything, but with lots of interesting texture. Once I had a picture in my head, the next step was to find it in the shops – easier said than done! This isn’t precisely what I had in mind, but it was the best I could find and I’m hoping it will work out well.

Surely I’m not the only one who develops a mental picture of an item of clothing that later proves to not actually exist in the shops?

Later in the day I had a bit of fun with Little Miss H’s lace parasol, a gift from her grandparents after their recent trip to Italy. What a lucky little girl!

Lace Dare (5)

Lace Dare (6)

(Top: Brown Sugar $35)


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