Eyeliner Dare

Eyeliner Dare (1)

Eyeliner Dare (2)

Eyeliner Dare (3)

Eyeliner Dare (4)

The 22nd of December, only three days until Christmas! Also, “eyeliner” day for DAREcember.

I don’t normally wear eyeliner at all. Partly because I’ve had a history of sensitive eyes (back from the days when I wore contact lenses all the time), but mostly because I can’t really be bothered much with makeup. I’m sure my eye makeup doesn’t look at all impressive to most people, but it’s probably more than I would apply for a wedding.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my eyes don’t seem to be so sensitive these days, so that’s one of the hurdles removed. Every time I caught a glance in the bathroom mirror it was such an obvious difference (in a good way) and even my husband noticed. Although I liked the look I still can’t see myself becoming an every-day-full-makeup kind of girl. I’m afraid I’m far too lazy for that, plus when you don’t normally wear much in the way of makeup it’s easy to impress for a special occasion!


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