Reflect: November

On reflection November doesn’t seem to have been as successful as October was, as far as creating outfits goes anyway. I’m going to give myself the benefit of doubt here and say this is at least partly to do with the fact that over time it becomes harder to make new combinations with existing items. If it wasn’t for this blog, I would be re-wearing a number of “October” outfits quite happily!

Following that line of reasoning then: even though it was a little too easy to cull November’s favourites down to a top five, the result is still that I have more great outfits that can be created from my existing wardrobe. Hence my wardrobe is more functional. Let’s call that a win!

Favourite Outfits

Hoo's The Cutest (1)This outfit was a lot of fun to wear. It’s a bit of a departure from my usual style, but that also meant I was proud of myself for being brave enough to try it!
Spicy Island (3)I like the way the top and skirt complement each other, and it was so comfortable to wear. One of those outfits that allows you to eat a lot of food while still looking neat and tailored!
Black, White and Red (2)There’s something about the crispness of black, white and red together. Very simple, but effective and very “me”.
Floral (1)I just love this pleated denim skirt, it seems to work brilliantly with nearly everything. In this case, I think the pleats counteract the girliness of the floral print nicely.
Hot Day (1)Simple yet pretty, and I’m struggling to think of something else that I’d rather wear on a stinking hot day.

Least Favourite Outfits

Back In Jeans (1)I was experimenting with different scarf ties, and while I think a bow could be cute it just doesn’t work here. Live and learn.
Missing Purple (1)This outfit just hasn’t come together well, there’s too many things going on. The blue/navy/black might be ok on its own, and the pink cardi/necklace combination has potential. But together it’s just a bunch of items competing for attention.
Purple Tights (2)Let’s face it, I was just trying to wear my new purple tights before summer hit for real. This didn’t work out and now I’m going to have to wait for months before I get the chance to redeem myself!
Shorts Challenge (2)I like some of the ideas in this outfit, but I don’t love the result. I think mostly this is due to the poor fit of the shorts which were almost falling off me.

Honourable Mentions

Blue And White (1)Blue Stripes And Red (2)Out Of Order (1)

And that was November 2012. Meanwhile, it’s almost 2013 – how did that happen?


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