Wardrobe Staple – Cobalt Jeans

Expect The Best (1)

What are wardrobe staples? Well they are pretty much the exact opposite of shy clothes – they are the pieces that are easy to match and create outfits with using other items in your wardrobe. I’m not trying to say that cobalt jeans are a staple for anyone’s wardrobe, just that they have become a really versatile piece within my own wardrobe.

When I first bought these cobalt jeans I thought they were a little crazy and was almost too scared to wear them in public. I was definitely worried I’d only be able to wear white or black with them. How things have changed! Now I love wearing them and to be honest there’s not too many things in my wardrobe I wouldn’t put with them.

I love how they instantly brighten up an outfit – you’ve probably noticed by now that I love lots of colour. Because they are blue it doesn’t seem so very far away from wearing regular denim jeans and there are lots of items in my wardrobe that seem to work well with them. These cobalt jeans are already down to less than $1.50 per wear in a few months (and I’m not done with them yet), so have turned out to be excellent value for money too.

Here are just a few of the ways I’ve worn them over the last few months:

A New Hairstyle Dare (2)Blue And White (1)Seaside (1)Out Of Order (1)Hoo's The Cutest (1)Try Again (1)Blue And Green (1) Adrenalin


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staple – Cobalt Jeans

  1. Jess

    They are definitely one of my wardrobe staples! Coloured skinnies in general. If you had’ve told me that 6 months ago, I’d never have believed it!
    PS I love the bloopers! But I’m very happy to see that you didn’t include… that one…


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