Stuff I’ve Learnt – Belts

One of the really useful things I’ve learnt so far on my quest for a functional wardrobe is how to use belts. I have to give a lot of credit to Audrey from Putting Me Together for this, she definitely got the ball rolling for me! Here are some of the ways I’ve used belts so far:

Denim Dare (1)A skinny belt over a flowy top to create a defined waistline (also shortens a long torso and lengthens the legs).
Breakfast At Tiffany's Dare (2)A wide belt to define the waistline and create a neat top for a skirt that doesn’t have a neat waistband. (Also would be useful for creating a barrier and distraction when a top and skirt don’t match perfectly.)
Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (2)To soften the transition between a contrasting skirt and top.
Close Enough (1)To distract from a top and bottom that don’t match perfectly.
Orange Twist (1)To accentuate the waistline of a fitted dress.
Cafe DayTo make regular jeans look that little bit nicer.
Blue And Green (1)To help different coloured shoes belong in an outfit.
Something Old Something New (1)To give shape to a loose cardi.
And last, but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST, to add a splash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit!
Washing DayBlue And White (1)Why NotA New Hairstyle Dare (1)

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