Reflect: December

December was a bit different as I was participating in DAREcember, which involves a different style dare for each day. This meant there were a few outfits that were more “experimental”, but it was great to try out some new things. Sometimes you just don’t know if you’ll like something until you try it!

Favourite Outfits

Denim Dare (1)I loved wearing this, it made me feel slimmer (without having to suck it all in constantly). Plus, one of my friends commented that it made me look younger – what’s not to love?
Stripes Dare (1)I love how this outfit came together. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it turned out better than I hoped and the different colours and textures created a lot of interest.
Braid Dare (2)I was really pleased to find a different way to wear this skirt as it was becoming increasingly difficult to justify keeping it.
Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (2)I like this outfit, but wouldn’t say I love it – the reason it’s made it into my “favourites” list is because of the hot pink lipstick. As much as I felt really conspicuous and uncomfortable wearing this bright lippy, when I flick back through my photos this one really stands out (in a good way) because of the extra brightness of my face. Perhaps I’ll have to give this lipstick another go after all!
All Black Dare (1)This is a surprising inclusion into my favourites list as I wouldn’t normally choose to wear all black. But to me this outfit is a little bit sophisticated (in a casual way) and I love how the cute shoes become the focus. It’s unexpected, and I like it.

Least Favourite Outfits

Scarves Dare (1)This outfit is just a bit busy, too many different colours that aren’t working in harmony together. I think the worst part is the yellow belt against the pink cardi, that just doesn’t work for me – ditch the belt and it would be fine.
Dress Dare (1)I think I might enjoy wearing this more when the weather cools down and I can add layers to the look, by itself it just seems a bit too black. I’m still trying to get used to maxi dresses, somehow they just don’t seem as comfortable as they should be – this doesn’t help I’m sure.

Honourable Mentions

Patterned Dare (2)A New Hairstyle Dare (2)On Your Head Dare (2)Eyeliner Dare (1)

And that was December 2012 – a month full of trying new things, what a great way to round off the year!


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