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Just Like That

Just Like That (1)

Just Like That (2)

There goes January, just like that. Wow.

After initially being unsure exactly what to do with it, this belt is turning out to be a favourite item of mine. I love how it is so easy to wear and I think it works perfectly in a casual wardrobe. The shiny leaf buckle provides an interesting focal point so that I don’t feel the need to add much in the way of jewellery. Today I popped in some black earrings and was done, just like that.

For February I’m participating in another month-long style dare by Fox In Flats: FABruary. As with DAREcember some of the dares will be easy for me to do and others will fall well outside my comfort zone. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll try to stick with items already in my wardrobe (unless it’s something I’ve been planning to buy anyway). First up for tomorrow is a nice easy start: sunglasses. Feel free to join in too if you’d like!


Run With It

Run With It (1)

Run With It (2)

Run With It (3)

Run With It (4)

Some days are bad hair days – you all know that. Usually when I’m having a bad hair day I pin back the front section and that gets me by. Today that wasn’t enough, so I tried pinning the whole lot back. Fail. So I gave up and tied it in a ponytail – I know my hair is far too short and it looks closer to ridiculous than cute, but I was desperate! (On the plus side, my hair was already tied back when I went for a run today.)

In other news, I’m loving the look of this floral top with a red cardi. I hadn’t thought to pair it with red before as the print is full of pinks and oranges, but no red. But it turns out that red really lifts the vibrancy which is great fun. So much so that the pictures of me sans cardi look pretty bland – not a word I’d normally associate with this floral top as it’s full of almost neon-bright colours.

Pack It Away

Pack It Away (1)

Pack It Away (2)

Pack It Away (3)

One of the little goals I’ve set for myself is to find more ways to remix my “shy clothes” using other items from my wardrobe. This striped cardi is one such item – it has been really difficult to find other pieces to wear it with, mainly because of the restriction of the inbuilt purple singlet for breastfeeding access. Today I am pleased to inform you that it is possible to flick the purple singlet section around to the back and wear the cardi over a regular top, like this white t-shirt.

I’m quite proud of this discovery, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for pairing with tops and maybe even dresses! BUT. But you see, the thing is, I realised I could do this a couple of months ago. Turns out, I just don’t really want to wear this cardi. For starters, now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight it’s too big for me. The other thing is that it’s too brightly coloured for my liking – not that I’m against bright colour pairings (obviously), but I guess I want to be in control of my colour combinations rather than have them dictated to me.

So I’ve now packed this cardi away – I’m not getting rid of it completely because it’s great as a breastfeeding top when exhausted with a newborn, lacking energy to decide what to wear. If I have another baby one day I might wear it again, or I’ll pass it onto a pregnant friend.

A Healthy Clash

A Healthy Clash (1)

A Healthy Clash (2)

I don’t know what it is, but now and then I feel the need to create an outfit using clashing colours. My favourite combinations are red/pink and red/orange, but since my orange tee has been retired with no replacement as yet it had to be red with pink today.

I wonder why I seem to gravitate towards red-based schemes? There’s a challenge for me, to experiment with blue/green and blue/purple clashes. Sounds like fun, I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Check Your Spot

Check Your Spot (1)

Check Your Spot (2)

Check Your Spot (3)

Check Your Spot (4)

Check Your Spot (5)

Check out my trendy print mixing today – and I hear plaid pants are hot right now. I bought these beauties around 10 years ago, but they’ve hidden in my wardrobe unworn for the last few years. I admit they aren’t cool skinny-leg style, and they are possibly a little on the big side, but I can sure think of worse problems to have! I still love the subtle red stripe and the big folded cuffs at the bottom.

Check Your Spot (6)

Check Your Spot (7)