Reflect: 2012

So there goes 2012. The year I gave birth to my second baby and watched her grow into a beautiful contented little person. The year I watched my big girl grow out of toddler-hood, always learning and changing and full of surprises. The year I turned 30 and decided to do something purely for myself. The year I started up a blog (who would have seen that coming?) and started my quest for a functional wardrobe.

I’ve already published well over 100 blog posts, and managed to wear a different outfit pretty much every single day during the last four months. Some days this has been a challenge, others it has been a chore, but generally it has been fun and rewarding. I can’t lie – I certainly HAVE bought a lot of new clothes during this time! This was possible because I had saved up some money over a long period, knowing I needed new clothes but not sure where to start. I also requested shopping money for my birthday, which really helped me start to refresh my wardrobe. Alas, that head start has all gone and I am now back to my regular budget of $20 per week – to cover clothes, plus anything else “frivolous” I would like to buy for myself.

So far I have been really pleased with the variety of outfits I have been able to put together using pieces in my wardrobe, and below are my top five for 2012.

Favourite Outfits

Mix It Up (1)This is definitely my favourite outfit of the year, it felt a little adventurous and trendy while still completely “me”. I’m looking forward to using this vest/scarf combo again when the weather cools down.
Nautical (1)I really like the balance of this outfit, simple but with some interest from the stripes and pink shoes.
Denim Dare (1)This is a bit of a winner, a slimming outfit that doesn’t require me to suck in my tummy all day!
Cafe DayThis was from fairly early on, it was a bit of a revelation to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.
Stripes Dare (1)At the time I wasn’t quite sure about this one, but every time I see the picture it just seems right somehow.

Honourable Mentions

Two's Company (1)Black, White and Red (2)Expect The Best (1)Braid Dare (2)

And that was 2012, the start of my quest for a functional wardrobe. Thank you so much for reading, it has been very rewarding for me personally, and if anyone else finds this blog useful or interesting then that is the icing on the cake!

In case you’d like to look at summaries of the previous months, the links are below:
September 2012
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