Stuff I’ve Learnt – Tuck It

When I had barely entered my teenage years I decided it was definitely not cool to tuck tops into bottoms. I’m uncertain if this was in fact sage advice for the 90’s, or if I was just doing some small-scale rebellion against my Mum. Nevertheless, since that time I haven’t tucked my tops in. Ask me what other bits of my own teenage advice I still agree with and I’d be hard pressed to think of any, so when Audrey from Putting Me Together suggested I give it a go it certainly seemed worth a shot.

Now I’m not saying this is for everyone and every body type, but it’s certainly worked well for me so chances are it will for some of you too. I might not tuck a top in every time I wear it (so I can vary the look a bit), and there are definitely some tops that don’t tuck well, but most of the time you’ll see me tucked in.

Here are some of the reasons I’m now a converted “tucker”:

Most skirts look better balanced with a short top. If you’re like me you would generally choose longer tops for coverage (I’m talking reaching up high and bending over), so then when you go to wear a skirt you find none of your tops look quite right. This is where tucking comes in – magically transforms a long top into a short one. Genius.
tweak_1Washing DayCheatTwo's Company (1)Curl Dare (2)Red Nail Polish and Vintage Dares (1)Braid Dare (2)Necklace Stack Dare (1)
One way you can easily look more polished in casual clothes is by adding an accessory or two. Belts are one of my favourite accessories – they don’t dangle or irritate me and are much less likely to get pulled apart and eaten by babies. In order to let your belt shine, it must be seen, so tuck your top into your pants!Ditched The UniformExpect The Best (1)Out Of Order (1)Blue Stripes And Red (2)Why NotAnother Brick In The Wall (1)On Your Head Dare (2)A New Hairstyle Dare (2)
You don’t need to fully commit, often a partial tuck is enough to add some shape and interest to your outfit.Pleats And Pearls (1)Turtles (2)Black, White and Red (2)Rings, Rings, Rings Dare (3)
I’ve found that my most successful post-baby-tummy-hiding outfit is a loose or flowy top tucked in. It avoids contact with a squishy belly whilst still looking neat and not sack-like. I imagine this would be equally useful for food-baby-hiding and early-pregnancy-hiding.
Blue And White (1)Pink And Navy (2)Spicy Island (3)Floral (1)Seaside (1)Animal Print Dare (1)All Black Dare (1)Eyeliner Dare (1)
And how else would I be able to pretend I am wearing a dress and not a top and skirt?
Breakfast At Tiffany's Dare (2)

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