Wardrobe Staple – Floral Tank


I actually have two floral tanks – I originally bought a cheap one to test out (I wasn’t sure about wearing floral initially), and then a little while afterwards I found one I liked more. They are similar in that they both have a navy background with pinkish flowers on top, but the flowers are different in size/style and the tops are made from different fabrics.

For a very long time I primarily bought clothes in solid colours, in fact I probably still do to a large extent. I love wearing prints for something a bit different, plus when I’m wearing a printed top I often don’t feel the need to add accessories to create interest. Which saves me time. And brain power. I’m afraid accessorising still doesn’t come naturally!

Here are some different outfits I’ve created using my floral tank tops:

Turtles (2)Hot Day (1)Floral (1)Patterned Dare (2)


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