Wardrobe Staple – Coloured Cardigans

I love adding colour to outfits, and coloured cardigans are a great way to do that. I have three at the moment: red, pink, and teal. My teal one really needs to be retired, but I can’t bear to part with it until I can find the perfect replacement. It’s so easy to change the look of an outfit simply by changing the outer layer – I’m sure I’ll be adding more coloured cardis to my collection in the near future!

Below are two examples where I have used the same shirt with different coloured cardigans to create multiple outfits:

Spots and FrillsCheatStripes Dare (1)
Twice As NiceCafe DayPink And Navy (2)

Here are some outfits I’ve worn using my teal cardi:

Toned Down Epiphany (2)Couldn't Drop It (1)Turtles (2)Why Not

My red cardi:

Feeling Thrifty (1)Black, White and Red (2)Unpack Your Trunk (1)Ditched The Uniform

And my pink cardi:

TodayOut Of Order (1)Sandpit (2)Boots Dare (1)

One thing is for sure, I love my cardis!


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