Wardrobe Staple – Pink Spotty Skirt

Curl Dare (2)

To be honest with you, I don’t love this skirt. I bought it because it had spots, which I do love, but it’s been a difficult skirt to work with. I don’t find it particularly flattering on me and I’ve struggled to match tops with it. Having said that, I’ve managed to come up with four different outfits already. That alone is worth celebrating – I’ve persevered and now this skirt has almost fully earned its place in my functional wardrobe.

Here are some different outfits I’ve managed to create around this pink spotty skirt:

Spots, Spots, Spots (1)Hot Pink Lipstick Dare (2)Curl Dare (1)Patterned Dare (2)


One thought on “Wardrobe Staple – Pink Spotty Skirt

  1. Jess

    A belt! Hooray! You need to wear this belt and re-live your print matching day with the floral top. I really love that combo, and I think the belt is that missing piece :)


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