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I can’t exactly remember, but I think it was nearly two years ago that I bought this dress and today is the first time it’s been worn! I found it during the post-summer sales – it had been marked down again and again, and by the time I tried it on the price had been reduced by over 70%.

I don’t usually bother much with sale racks as I (unfortunately) tend to agree with the masses that have left these items behind. And if there IS anything that takes my fancy it is either teeny-tiny or far too big. So this dress was a once-off lucky find for me – alas, the following summer I was pregnant so couldn’t fit into it. I could have worn it all this summer, except that until a couple of weeks ago I needed to wear outfits that were breastfeeding-friendly.

Fortunately this dress has turned out to be a good purchase for me. It’s comfortable and light and easy to wear. I still love its simplicity as well as the little frills and cute covered buttons. I’m already thinking of ways I can layer it to wear it into the cooler months ahead.

Finally (6)

Although did you notice that this dress is the exact shade of a particularly nasty bruise? Turns out the hard bump to my knee yesterday gave me an unexpected matching accessory ;)


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