Close Call

Close Call (2)

Close Call (1)

Close Call (3)

Last night was very nearly a disaster. As I was clearing up the lounge room after the girls had gone to bed I heard a strange sound like water rushing. I went to the bathroom to investigate, thinking that perhaps the toilet was stuck refilling. Once inside, the sound seemed to be coming from the bathroom cabinet under the sink. I opened the cabinet door to peek inside, and it was full of roaring hot water and steam. Argghhh! I slammed the door shut again and ran outside to the hot water tank and turned the little tap as hard as I could – thank goodness I had found the correct tap, and the rushing sound stopped.

It was all over in less than 30 seconds, but WOW what a mess. Water was pooling across half the bathroom, nearly a centimetre deep in the corner. The draining cabinet was full of soggy toilet rolls and wet linen. Adrenalin was pumping. The cleanup was a pain, but I couldn’t stop thinking how much worse it could have been – imagine if we had been out of the house when the water pipe burst! The entire house would have flooded in just minutes. Fortunately the potential for disaster was downgraded to just an inconvenience.

Onto less important things, today’s style lesson is what to do when your top doesn’t match your skirt particularly well. Just add a wide belt to create a bit of a gap between the two and it will be barely noticeable! (Until of course you write about it on the internet, prompting everybody to go back to the pictures and examine them more closely.)


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