Pumped (1)

Pumped (2)

Right now I’m still pretty pumped from netball earlier this evening – we’ve won every game this year! If course that’s only two games so far, but they’ve been against the two top ranked teams in our division so I’m calling that worthy of celebration. You’ll be pleased to know that I channelled my post-game excited energy into house cleaning duties, so now I can sit down and write this post knowing that the bathroom is sparkling and the floors mopped. (I’d love to be having a cup of tea as well, except I can’t get to the kettle without walking on my wet kitchen floor.)

Today I felt like wearing some green, so dug out an old singlet top that is still in great condition and really cute on its own. Unfortunately my abs bear absolutely no resemblance to the washboard variety, rendering this top too short and too tight for public display. Solution: wear my lace shirt over the top. A much more forgiving outfit for post-baby tummies as well as providing a softening of the in-your-face contrast of the blue and green. Not that I’m personally against in-your-face colour contrasting, but I’m aware that not everybody in the world shares this view!

Pumped (3)

Pumped (4)


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