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I’ve nearly finished my fifth month of blogging and I’ve gotten pretty quick at taking outfit pictures. I have my “blog smile” down-pat (eyes open, genuine smile without teeth, head not on too much of an angle). I have my tripod set up permanently (it’s one of those little bendy ones, gripping on to a drain pipe for dear life – I dream of owning a proper tripod one day). I have my main poses (front on and side shots, so there are different angles to view the outfit). I usually take 80-100 pictures each session, but I have a timer function that takes ten at a time so this really doesn’t take much more than about five minutes. Some days even five minutes is tricky to find while looking after the girls!

Later in the day I upload the pictures and get deleting. First to go are the closed eyes (~30%). Next are the big tummies (a further 20-50%, depending on the outfit). Then the awkward poses and weird smiles (~10%). By this stage it’s very obvious if the outfit is a forgiving one – if there are still heaps of photos to wade through it’s a keeper! Next I crop the photos and reduce the file size for uploading. Finally I come up with a post title (some days this is a struggle) – once I’ve managed to come up with a title the rest of the text pretty much writes itself.

Every now and then I like to throw in some different shots. Not ready for the photograph, still walking away from the camera, distracted by my little girls. I don’t actually try to take photos like these as I just can’t justify the time. But I hope that you enjoy these little glimpses of a more unguarded me from time to time.

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