Pack It Away

Pack It Away (1)

Pack It Away (2)

Pack It Away (3)

One of the little goals I’ve set for myself is to find more ways to remix my “shy clothes” using other items from my wardrobe. This striped cardi is one such item – it has been really difficult to find other pieces to wear it with, mainly because of the restriction of the inbuilt purple singlet for breastfeeding access. Today I am pleased to inform you that it is possible to flick the purple singlet section around to the back and wear the cardi over a regular top, like this white t-shirt.

I’m quite proud of this discovery, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for pairing with tops and maybe even dresses! BUT. But you see, the thing is, I realised I could do this a couple of months ago. Turns out, I just don’t really want to wear this cardi. For starters, now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight it’s too big for me. The other thing is that it’s too brightly coloured for my liking – not that I’m against bright colour pairings (obviously), but I guess I want to be in control of my colour combinations rather than have them dictated to me.

So I’ve now packed this cardi away – I’m not getting rid of it completely because it’s great as a breastfeeding top when exhausted with a newborn, lacking energy to decide what to wear. If I have another baby one day I might wear it again, or I’ll pass it onto a pregnant friend.


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