Run With It

Run With It (1)

Run With It (2)

Run With It (3)

Run With It (4)

Some days are bad hair days – you all know that. Usually when I’m having a bad hair day I pin back the front section and that gets me by. Today that wasn’t enough, so I tried pinning the whole lot back. Fail. So I gave up and tied it in a ponytail – I know my hair is far too short and it looks closer to ridiculous than cute, but I was desperate! (On the plus side, my hair was already tied back when I went for a run today.)

In other news, I’m loving the look of this floral top with a red cardi. I hadn’t thought to pair it with red before as the print is full of pinks and oranges, but no red. But it turns out that red really lifts the vibrancy which is great fun. So much so that the pictures of me sans cardi look pretty bland – not a word I’d normally associate with this floral top as it’s full of almost neon-bright colours.


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