Just Like That

Just Like That (1)

Just Like That (2)

There goes January, just like that. Wow.

After initially being unsure exactly what to do with it, this belt is turning out to be a favourite item of mine. I love how it is so easy to wear and I think it works perfectly in a casual wardrobe. The shiny leaf buckle provides an interesting focal point so that I don’t feel the need to add much in the way of jewellery. Today I popped in some black earrings and was done, just like that.

For February I’m participating in another month-long style dare by Fox In Flats: FABruary. As with DAREcember some of the dares will be easy for me to do and others will fall well outside my comfort zone. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll try to stick with items already in my wardrobe (unless it’s something I’ve been planning to buy anyway). First up for tomorrow is a nice easy start: sunglasses. Feel free to join in too if you’d like!


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