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Pink Dare

Pink Dare (1)

Pink Dare (2)

Pink Dare (3)

Today was the final day of FABruary, which finished up with the “pink” dare. It wasn’t that long ago I didn’t own any pink clothing – I can still recall the moment I deliberately chose to dislike the colour when I was eight years old, not wanting to identify myself as a “girly” girl. Since that time I did not buy anything pink for the best part of 19 years, until finally I purchased a hot pink maternity hoodie when pregnant with Little Miss H. (Basically, I needed hoodies, the one I liked only came in pink or purple and so I bought one of each.)

I would absolutely credit my little girls with desensitising me to pink – for baby and toddler girls, pink is the new black. It’s the practical, basic colour that goes with everything they already have. Because most of what they already have is pink (particularly if you have hand-me-downs or buy second-hand).

These days, the thought of wearing pink barely bothers me at all, and I own several pieces of pink clothing. Today I was a little too “matchy” with my identically pink tshirt and cardi, so I used a clashing red necklace and my new retro shoes to add some fun to the outfit.


Retro Dare

Retro Dare (1)

Retro Dare (2)


Retro Dare (4)

Day 27 of FABruary was “retro”. For me there’s certainly a lot to love about retro, but it’s not something I have tended to acquire personally. These shoes are the result of my first ever online shoe purchase, and count as retro as they are a reissued 1958 style from Hush Puppies. So comfy to wear, the leather is beautiful and soft, and for an absolute bargain price!

Looking forward to pairing these little beauties with skinny jeans as well with tights and skirts as the weather cools down. I know I’m going to hate the bitterly cold winter weather, but right now snuggling into layers sounds great.

Retro Dare (5)

[Shoes: Hush Puppies $30]

Kicks Dare

Kicks Dare (1)

Kicks Dare (2)

When I first looked at the list of dares for FABruary I wasn’t sure exactly what “kicks” were – luckily there was a brief description included, and I guess it does make sense that it refers to casual sneakers.

This is not one of my favourite outfits, but it was doomed from the start. You see I really wanted to put the converse shoes with my super skinny black jeans, but it was (again) far too hot so compromise was on the menu. I somehow ended up wearing not-favourite shorts, with a not-favourite singlet and a not-favourite necklace. This is real life – some days come together easily, others don’t. Some days I have time and energy to get creative, other days I just make do and focus my energy where it’s needed elsewhere. And I think that’s just fine!

Gloss Dare

Gloss Dare (1)

Gloss Dare (2)

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough, today I feel like a proper style blogger. Because guys, I am wearing my dress as a skirt.

It all started with the Layer Dare from yesterday – among the experimentation with various layers I discovered this floral top looks great with purple. Today I decided it was about time my purple dress got another wear and then it struck me – wear the floral top with the dress.

Thus it transpired that on FABruary Day 24, which was supposed to be all about “gloss”, I did a far better job of “layers” than yesterday!

Gloss Dare (3)

Sporting a $3 lip gloss in pomegranate flavour – transported back to my teen years!

Gloss Dare (4)