Sunglasses Dare

Sunglasses Dare (1)

Sunglasses Dare (2)

Sunglasses Dare (3)

Sunglasses Dare (4)

Day one of FABruary, a month worth of style dares! Today’s challenge was to wear sunglasses – for me this is not so much a challenge as a simple necessity. About seven years ago I had laser surgery on my eyes to correct my vision and since then my eyes have been very sensitive to light. I don’t step outside the house without them during daylight hours, and while I’m out and about they are generally either on my face or sitting on the top of my head. When it comes to sunglasses, it’s function over style for me. I need to have good quality lenses and I only own the one pair as they are just so expensive.

It still amazes me how many things I can find to go with these cobalt jeans. Today I’m wearing blue on blue, with some black to break it up. Oh dear, I’ve just realised it’s essentially the same colour scheme as my primary school uniform. Just as school is going back too, oops!

If you’re on Instagram, feel free to look me up, “questingjess”. I’m not generally a very dedicated Instagrammer, but I will be taking daily snaps during FABruary.


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