Glitter Dare

Glitter Dare (1)

Glitter Dare (2)



Today’s glitter dare for FABruary was quite a challenge for me. I wanted to use items I already had in my wardrobe, but there really wasn’t much for me to work with I’m afraid. I own one item with a sequinned trim, but it was far too cold for a short-sleeved bolero this morning. So this is the “sparkliest” I could manage today: wearing a pair of hair pins my Mum bought me from Harrods on an overseas holiday about 13 years ago (some stones missing), a scarf I was given in a family Kris Kringle recently with a silver thread running through it, and an old favourite ring (not pictured above, but also missing some stones).

No it didn’t scream “glitter”, but it did at least get me wearing some items I wouldn’t have otherwise. Does my wardrobe have a sad lack of sparkles in it? Probably, but I’m not really into glitz in a big way so this isn’t something I’m going to address for now. Maybe one day the right item will catch my eye and then I’ll have something fun and shiny to wear next time!

Sparkly Hat

If I was super brave, I would have worn this sparkly hat



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