Noisy Dare

Noisy Dare (1)

Noisy Dare (2)

Noisy Dare (3)


FABruary day eight: noisy. I really love the accompanying article relating to “noisy” clothing by Andrea from Fox In Flats – somehow the idea of having a “signature sound” seems so romantic and stylish. However, when I went to dig up some of my own noisy items from the wardrobe it was super difficult. When I pondered the situation I quickly realised that noisy clothing is the kind of thing that would drive me nuts – I guess there’s my explanation.

I ended up wearing this chunky white necklace which is really jangly and absolutely impossible to keep still. For good measure I also wore my pink shoes that have a little velcro strap – because it is certainly possibly to make a lot of (irritating) noise with velcro!

(For the record, it was far too hot for a cardigan today but I just thought it looked nice so I took a picture anyway.)



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