Reflect: January

Today was my little baby girl’s first birthday! I took the day off from posting outfits and from FABruary – I can catch up tomorrow, but today was just for family, friends and celebrating. So instead here is a little reflection on last month.

January was a little light-on for outfits as I was on a blogging break for the first two weeks, but I’m pleased to say it was one of those months that the “yes” pile was difficult to cut down and the “no” pile a struggle to create!

Favourite Outfits

Subtle Statement (2)I loved wearing this fun outfit, and it was also exciting for me to realise that this dress made my statement necklace seem less, well, “statement”. Not that there’s a problem with that, but it was just one of those little eye-openers.
Blog Smile (2)I think this look, with matching dress and necklace, is quite classic. So simple and pretty.
A Healthy Clash (1)What can I say, I love a little red and pink together! Makes me smile :)
Finally (1)It was my first time wearing this dress, and I’d definitely say it’s a keeper!
Run With It (1)I was pleasantly surprised at how the red cardi brought extra life and vibrancy to my floral tank – another one of those unexpected finds, that I would NEVER have stumbled across if I didn’t have this blog.

Least Favourite Outfits

Pack It Away (1)No surprise on this one, given that the post was all about my realisation that it was time to say goodbye to this cardi.
Simple Summer Dress (1)I don’t think this is particularly bad, it’s just a bit boring. I’ll have to have a play around with accessories or layering next time I wear this dress.

Honourable Mentions

Upside Down (1)Close Call (1)Just Because (1)

I can’t believe my baby is one year old! The first year definitely seemed to disappear faster second time around, perhaps because my attention was split between the two of them. Happy birthday Tiny Miss P, you’re not so tiny now! :)


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