Flats Dare

Flats Dare (1)

Flats Dare (2)

Flats Dare (3)

One of the things I love about participating in month-long style dares (DAREcember, and now FABruary) is that I don’t need to come up with a blog title or something to talk about – it’s all provided for me. Except for today – the FABruary theme was “flats”, but I really wanted talk about neapolitan icecream. Never mind, I’ll just have to find a way to work white, pink and brown into an outfit another day!

Wearing flats is in no way a challenge for me; it’s my everyday normal situation. But of course when it comes to this theme, how could I resist wearing my favourite rainbow-stripey-polka-dotty ones? I really love them – if only they were as comfortable as they are cute! (They are fine until you try to walk too far in them, then the cut-out toe section rubs irritatingly.)


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