Quiff Dare

Quiff Dare (1)

Quiff Dare (2)


FABruary day 14 called for a quiff. Oh dear. Look, I know what I’ve got here is not particularly impressive as far as quiffs go, but I seriously did put some effort in. To start off, I stalked fellow FABruary-ers on Instagram before I found an example I thought I could give a go. Then I straightened my hair (highly unusual), before attempting to encourage some sort of upwards behaviour in the front section. Easier said than done! My hair is pretty short and I don’t have much experience with volumising – it was just fortunate I managed to find a stray can of hairspray at the back of my cupboard. I’m quite certain I used this same can at my year 10 formal, so it was a miracle it still worked.

I will always say it’s worthwhile trying something new, but no matter how much you tell me you love it there is no way this will become an everyday style! I’m afraid I don’t have the dedication for a hairstyle that requires this much time – I’ll stick with air-dried curls or a quick twist-and-pin.

Quiff Dare (4)

This picture was a bit washed out with the lighting, but I kind of liked it anyway



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