Leggy Dare

Leggy Dare (1)

Leggy Dare (2)

When FABruary dared me to go “leggy” for day 16, this was not the first style of outfit that sprang to mind. Problem is, I don’t have any short shorts, skirts or dresses in my wardrobe. Apart from the obvious reason that short skirts are highly impractical for running after little kids in, I’m just not comfortable baring a lot of leg. While I do wear skirts a lot during summer, my shortest one still grazes the top of my knees.

Lateral thinking then – I’d get out some shorts. I have a very strong preference towards skirts in summer, and generally the only time I do wear shorts is for running. These shorts are roughly the same length as my regular skirts, but they have… legs… so they are leggy?

Yes, I know, a somewhat tenuous link, but the bottom line is that I am trying something new. And that is absolutely in the spirit of the dare! You know what, I might just wear these shorts again sometime.

Leggy Dare (4)


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