Laces Dare

Laces Dare (1)

Laces Dare (2)

Laces Dare (3)

Here we are at FABruary day 17, with “laces”. I don’t really own any laced shoes at the moment, except my running shoes – although I am working on this as we speak! I scoured the shops last week looking for a great pair, but you know what it’s like when you see an item clearly in your mind and then it doesn’t seem to exist in real life. (Plus it’s not easy to go shoe shopping with two little girls in tow.) I then directed my search online and have ordered a pair – not exactly what I had in mind, but I think they’ll be a lot of fun. Fingers crossed they fit!

So back to today, with a lack of suitable laced shoes to wear I decided to go with these sandals. They don’t actually have laces in them, but from a distance they kind of look like they might, which is surely better than nothing. And for good measure I also wore a lace top. Which is possibly the clothing equivalent of a bad pun.

I didn’t love this outfit today, I don’t know if perhaps it’s too green-and-white (I tried to break it up a little with some blue in my bracelet). Maybe it’s just that I still don’t feel quite at home in this lace top. I don’t think it’s quite “me” somehow, it’s neither soft enough nor structured enough for my liking. I’m determined to try as much as I can with it before giving up though, happy to take suggestions if you have them!


4 thoughts on “Laces Dare

  1. Jane

    How funny – as soon as I saw the lace top, I thought “I really like it, I wonder where she got it from”! So, I think this is a lovely look!
    I read your blog daily, but this is my first time commenting,

    1. Questing Jess Post author

      Hi Jane, thanks for commenting :)
      I’m glad you like it, in case you’re interested I got it from Brown Sugar (it was a couple of months ago though, so you would be lucky to find one). It does improve my opinion of this top knowing others think it’s nice!


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