Bun Dare

Bun Dare (1)

Bun Dare (2)


FABruary day 18: bun dare. I was seriously considering sitting this one out with my short hair, but my friend Nicki from Fashion, Frivolity, Fitness and Food encouraged me to give it a go anyway. Fortunately it’s been far too long between trims, so my hair is about as long as it’s been for the last five years! I couldn’t do a proper bun, but I approximated by putting my hair back in a ponytail and pinning little sections of hair around to (mostly) cover the hair tie.

Last time I wore this dress I felt it looked a bit boring, so today I tried adding a belt and necklace. I didn’t feel the look was greatly improved with the addition of accessories, and concluded the problem was more to do with the fit. It’s so comfortable to wear, but the reality is it’s definitely a size too big. Particularly the top section which kind of billows out a little.

I’m not going to get rid of this dress just yet though – first I’ll wait until the weather cools down a little and see how it works with layers over the top. And if all else fails it will still be a lovely beach dress.



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