Polka Dot Dare

Polka Dot Dare (1)

Polka Dot Dare (2)

Polka Dot Dare (3)


Day nineteen of FABruary – polka dots. Ahhhh, a big sigh of relief that I’ve gotten past the most tricky dares now! I love a good geometric pattern, which definitely includes stripes and spots. So today was no problem.

I was thinking of going all-out-crazy with the polka dots today. At the back of my mind there’s been lurking an outfit idea that involves pairing a black-and-white spotty shirt with this pink-and-white spotty skirt. From a colour perspective it seemed fine, and as one piece had very small dots and the other much larger I thought they would work nicely together. Unfortunately, when I tried them on together it was a big flop – in the end the problem was the shape. Both items were a little billowy, so the resulting silhouette was kind of frumpy.

So instead I decided to revisit an old outfit. When I wore this last time I knew it really needed a belt to make it work well, but at that time I didn’t have the right one. I’ve since picked up this chocolate brown waist belt, and I think it’s exactly what was needed. This pattern-mixing outfit doesn’t appear at all crazy to me any more!

Polka Dot Dare (5)

[Belt: eBay $7.61]


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