Fragrance Dare

Fragrance Dare (1)

Fragrance Dare (2)

Day twenty of FABruary was a nice easy one – fragrance. In fact so easy that had I chosen to avoid all kinds of scented substances today you would never even know – after all you can’t actually see a fragrance. But just for the record, I did wear perfume today. I wore one I got recently for Christmas, “CK IN2U Her”. I usually only think to wear fragrance when I’m dressing up, so it was nice to wear some on a regular day. I might do that more often :)

Today I’ll admit to you that I succumbed to peer pressure and bought myself some Converse shoes. I kind of feel like I’m back at High School, buying a particular shoe because it’s trendy. I know Converse aren’t exactly cutting-edge fashion, but after reading about how loved they are on Fox In Flats, and seeing them styled in totally cute casual outfits such as this I started to feel like there was a Converse-shaped hole in my wardrobe. I’m particularly looking forward to slightly cooler weather so I can juxtapose them with blazers.

(And that’s where this blog post ends; I’m certainly not going to tell you how many pairs of shoes I’ve bought in the last week. I’m going to drip-feed them to you over the next little while, so hopefully I don’t look too shoe-obsessed.)

[Shoes: Converse $37.50]


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