Red Dare

Red Dare (1)

Red Dare (2)




FABruary day 21 was “red”. I first started wearing red when I was about 16 years old, and this bold colour was a dramatic change from the muted blue tones I had favoured until then. It was an outward sign of my growing confidence, maturing into the adult I wanted to be.

These days I am gravitating towards blues and purples again, although this time they are clear and bright tones rather than muted. But red will always be special to me and a lot of my all-time favourite clothes are this colour. I drew the line at a red wedding dress – traditional white for me – but our wedding party colour scheme was fully based around my red rose bouquet! The red pieces of jewellery I chose for today are all old favourites, all gifts from close friends and family.

Now onto the sandals – possibly you’ve noticed that I only had one pair of sandals, which have been on VERY high rotation during the hot weather! I’ve finally picked up a second pair – they don’t look at all like the ones I was hoping to find (standard tale), but I think I like them. And they were reduced by 60%, which never hurts. The blurb about these shoes informs me that when I wear them I can “channel Nicole Richie”. I have to say that I’m not feeling any Nicole Richie vibes today, but it’s certainly nice to be able to choose between two pairs of sandals for a change.


[Sandals: Jo Mercer $52.50]


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