Layers Dare

Layers Dare (1)

Layers Dare (2)

Of all the FABruary challenges, “layers” should not have been a difficult one. Turns out it was. The problem is really just that summer is too hot to want to add lots of layers. I tried a couple of options with t-shirts under singlets, but nothing looked right so then I was limited to just layering singlets. This is a seriously unimpressive layering look, but at the same time I didn’t want to do something crazy for the sake of it and not feel like ME.

Another day, another new pair of shoes. These ones are fully justifiable though, as they are replacements for my old black flats which have unfortunately died. I was pretty disappointed that my previous ones started looking so scrappy (with the leather embellishment hanging off unattractively) after only a few months of wear, and not full-time wear at that. They were Airflex brand, so while I loved how comfortable they were to wear they weren’t exactly cheap. I wouldn’t classify myself as rough on shoes, although possibly this needs to be revised now that I spend a lot of my day getting down to ground level with the little girls. In any case, hopefully these new ones last a bit better!

I think I’ve finally discovered the secret of making a nice straight bow – after a few tries with these shoes. I’m not sure how well I can explain it in words, but essentially I just wind the second lace in the opposite direction around the first loop (compared to how I normally tie laces). Maybe I got taught a weird way, maybe you guys all make perfectly straight bows every time and this sounds like a crazy rant. BUT if like me you always end up with bows running up and down your foot instead of neatly across, give it a go. (I’ll attempt to create a clearer set of instructions if anybody thinks it would help.)


[Shoes: Jo Mercer $45]


4 thoughts on “Layers Dare

  1. Samantha

    Layering is so much fun though! But still, good for you, sticking to your own style. You’re right about the bows, very clean. Mine usually look like my five-year-old nephew tied them….


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