Pink Dare

Pink Dare (1)

Pink Dare (2)

Pink Dare (3)

Today was the final day of FABruary, which finished up with the “pink” dare. It wasn’t that long ago I didn’t own any pink clothing – I can still recall the moment I deliberately chose to dislike the colour when I was eight years old, not wanting to identify myself as a “girly” girl. Since that time I did not buy anything pink for the best part of 19 years, until finally I purchased a hot pink maternity hoodie when pregnant with Little Miss H. (Basically, I needed hoodies, the one I liked only came in pink or purple and so I bought one of each.)

I would absolutely credit my little girls with desensitising me to pink – for baby and toddler girls, pink is the new black. It’s the practical, basic colour that goes with everything they already have. Because most of what they already have is pink (particularly if you have hand-me-downs or buy second-hand).

These days, the thought of wearing pink barely bothers me at all, and I own several pieces of pink clothing. Today I was a little too “matchy” with my identically pink tshirt and cardi, so I used a clashing red necklace and my new retro shoes to add some fun to the outfit.


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