Friendly (1)

Friendly (2)

Sometime clothes surprise you. For example this skirt I wore today, which has the amazing ability to go with nearly every top in my wardrobe. Seriously awesome.

When I bought it a couple of years ago, it was marked down at a factory outlet. This alone was enough to make me nervous – why was it here, why didn’t anybody else like it? I didn’t personally love it either, but I just had this feeling it would work with a few different items in my wardrobe. I left the store with moderately high hopes, only to end up wearing it with the same purple top over and over. (I think I once wore it with a coral jumper, but that was it.)

Then I set out on my quest for a functional wardrobe, and soon found that this “shy” skirt I only ever wore in one outfit suddenly became “friendly” – seemed to coordinate with the majority of tops in my wardrobe. Here are some of the combinations I’ve worn so far:

tweak_1Close Enough (1)Stripes Dare (1)Close Call (1)
Look Down (1)
Just Like That (1)Orange Lipstick Dare (1)Friendly (1)

There’s not any singular thing I particularly love about this skirt – not the colours, print or style. But what I certainly do appreciate is how functional it is, how it is so easy to create an outfit with on a busy morning!


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