Black Belt

Black Belt (1)

Black Belt (2)

I love wearing this cobalt blue dress. Not only is it fun and comfortable to wear, but I get lots of compliments every time. I salvaged some particularly unruly hair this morning with my straightener rather than pinning it back – some people didn’t even recognise me at first. I didn’t think I looked THAT different, but it’s fun creating a little confusion.

The wide black belt I’m wearing today I’ve actually owned for five years and have not worn it even once before. I bought it specifically because I liked waist belts on other people and wanted to try it, but then got too nervous to actually wear it as it was quite a different style for me at the time. It kind of amazes me when I think about how much more adventurous I’ve become with my outfits over the last six months, imagine how much I could freak out five-year-ago-me if I had a time machine!


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