Reflect: February

Today it is six months since I set out on my quest for a functional wardrobe! I can honestly say it has turned out better than I had hoped – I definitely find it SO much easier to put together outfits these days. I no longer feel like I have nothing to wear, but I’m not going to stop just yet as I think there’s still plenty more for me to learn and try.

Looking over February, or FABruary, there were a lot of outfits I really enjoyed wearing. As always with style dares, I was pushed to try a few new things and there were definitely some risks that paid off for me!

Favourite Outfits

Quiff Dare (1)I do try to judge outfits based on outfit merit rather things like nice lighting, a flattering angle or a good hair day. But honestly, sometimes these other things do play a part in my decisions. For example this outfit was my favourite for the month, and while I do like it a lot I doubt it would have landed right at the top if I hadn’t spent all that time straightening my hair ;)
Gloss Dare (1)This is one of those outfits I can’t quite settle on – do I completely love it, or did I go a little too far this time? Even so, I think it’s worthy of celebration for the beautiful colours and the utter bravery required from me to wear it to church on a Sunday where I would be seen by so many people!
Plaid Dare (2)This is the other end of the scale for me in terms of bravery – it is exactly an outfit I have worn many times before. But I still love it. It’s not one that I get compliments on, so possibly it’s not to the taste of many other people, but I feel just a little bit fabulous in this dress.
Leggy Dare (1)It really took me by surprise that this outfit ended up near the top of my “yes” pile, but I love how I’ve finally found a place for shorts in my repertoire. They are, after all, highly practical for running around after little kids.
Polka Dot Dare (3)This is essentially an outfit I’ve worn previously, but I wasn’t completely happy with it last time. It really needed a belt, and this time around I love how it turned out.

Least Favourite Outfits

Bun Dare (1)I decided that this dress doesn’t suit me very well as it’s just too big. I think it might do better in cooler weather with some layers involved, so I’m not going to completely write it off just yet.
Furry Dare (1)I love the colour of this scarf against the dress, but texturally it’s a bit weird. That’s what happens when a style dare backfires! Also, this dress is a little too tight on me at the moment so it’s been packed away for now. Hopefully I will manage to shift a few more of those post-baby centimetres at some stage!
Kicks Dare (2)There are no excuses for this one – I just ran out of time and inspiration. I have noticed a pattern though – there haven’t been any outfits involving this top that I love. Perhaps it’s time to purge it from my wardrobe, after all I do have another floral sleeveless top that I like a whole lot more. (See above, worn with pink and white spotty skirt)

Honourable Mentions

Flats Dare (1)Statement Earrings Dare (2)Sunglasses Dare (2)Retro Dare (1)

And that was February 2013, I can’t believe that summer is over!


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