Confession (1)

Confession (2)

I have a confession: I did not wear this outfit today. It was a beautiful hot sunny day here in Melbourne (again) and I wore what I thought was a variation on a past outfit, before realising there really wasn’t much of a variation going on. So instead of boring you with a repeated outfit I’ve dug out these photos from a few weeks ago when we had a brief cold snap.

Another confession: the reason I didn’t post this outfit at the time was that I got changed straight after taking these pictures. You see, I love how this outfit looks but it just wasn’t comfortable enough for a day of errands. The problem is my jeans are probably slightly lower rise than I’d ideally choose, and the shirt not particularly long, so the thought of sitting down in public filled me with butt-flashing paranoia.

I really do like this look, so I guess there are three options for me. Option 1: buy a longer red shirt. Option 2: buy higher rise skinny black jeans. Option 3: wear something higher-rise from my existing wardrobe, maybe blue denim jeans or skirt.

I’ll immediately scrap the first option as I love the look of my shirt just peeking out from under the vest. I particularly like the second option as my heart is set on skinny black jeans for this outfit, but that does depend on me somehow being able to shop (preferably without my little girls) for long enough to try on about a million pairs of jeans until I find some I like within my budget. So practically speaking that leaves me with option 3. One day my friends, one day I’ll find a pair of jeans with the perfect balance of black-leg-skinniness and not-too-low rise! (Suggestions welcome)


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