Growing On Me




When it comes to the hot summer weather I considered myself a dress-or-skirt kinda gal. I thought shorts were for other people. In particular, other people with long, skinny and tanned legs. I really don’t care that my legs are so pale – my complete lack of tanning ability is an integral part of my concept of self – I wouldn’t mind slightly longer legs though. And I would not be the slightest bit upset if I woke up one morning with magically toned thighs.

The thing is, this whole way of thinking isn’t logical. It assumes that (a) skirts are around knee length, and (b) shorts are very short. Obviously, neither of these have to be the case, it’s just that I choose to buy skirts of that length and I am highly envious of people who can pull off short shorts.

Quite recently I’ve discovered I can wear longer shorts without looking too daggy (a belt helps a lot). Now shorts are growing on me. So practical for running after little kids in! Not to mention walking fearlessly on a windy day. These beige shorts are the only ones I have at the moment that fit me, and even these are a little on the large size. I am definitely open to the idea of expanding my shorts collection now, and I think I could even brave some that are shorter than these, a mid length perhaps.


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