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Some days it’s difficult to create a new outfit with old clothes (I know, first world problem). But today I realised that my lace top is far more useful than I gave it credit for – just pop it over a summer dress and TA DAA! New outfit.

So don’t be surprised if this is my new recipe for getting dressed. I may just work back through my previous outfits one by one and just throw this lace number right over the top. That’s not cheating is it?

Speaking of new recipes, I actually made something from one of my Pinterest boards today. I pinned this recipe for banana pancakes recently, thinking it was a fantastic way to use up squishy bananas. I know the traditional route is to make banana muffins or banana bread, but I tend to figure that only means I’ve got a heap of slightly unnecessary baked goods to eat my way through. Anyway, these only have three ingredients and are gluten and dairy free! We don’t have allergies in our household, but there are definitely times when allergy-friendly recipes come in handy with friends coming over. (Having said that, I did end up adding a couple of tablespoons of flour to mine to make the batter a bit thicker, but they do work fine without the flour.) Very quick and easy to make, and everybody liked them, a real winner!

These banana pancakes were my first step to completing a Pinterest Challenge set by Merrick’s Art. The idea is to actually use some of the ideas you’ve been pinning away for inspiration. Six pins in six weeks – surely I can do that? Consider week one complete!

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This picture reminds me of watching clouds


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