Not Quite

Not Quite (1)

Not Quite (2)

I bought this striped top last year, because it was there and I had a striped top on my shopping list. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but as I’ve said before I don’t often get the chance to shop around. I get the impression it may be better overseas in places like the US, but in Australia there are a LOT of shops that don’t have their clothing available online, which doesn’t help my cause.

So this is not quite what I was after. I would have preferred a navy blue or black stripe (I don’t particularly like how this this cobalt blue looks with denim). Plus it’s a little too tight for my liking (stripes can be unforgiving). And to top it all off the seams have gone a little wonky after washing (which of course is more noticeable than usual due to the stripes).

A “not quite” top, in a “not quite” outfit. But it certainly didn’t stop me from having a lovely day! Hope you guys have some great plans for the weekend, I’m looking forward to some quality time with family and friends over a fully-booked long weekend.

Not Quite (3)

It might be a bit hard to see, but I’ve got red clips in my hair. I’ll pretend I forgot to take a close-up pic, but really it’s just that they are super scratched and look terrrible at short range!



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