It’s Only A Bargain

It's Only A Bargain (1)

It's Only A Bargain (2)

It's Only A Bargain (3)

I bought this dress at an op shop a few months ago now. At the time I thought I was pretty awesome picking this dress up for $6 – just a cheap cotton dress, but the print is full of colours I wear often. The thing is, it sat in my wardrobe unworn all summer. My friends, it is only a bargain if you use it.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t love it in the shop but I was so frustrated at wading through rack after rack of rubbish that I was desperate to find some little gem and this was a close as I could get. I don’t think I’m cut out for thrifting! (Or perhaps I need more practice?)

My sister-in-law found this dress in my wardrobe yesterday and encouraged me to wear it. She gave me some great ideas to try (layering or even refashioning into a skirt), but today I thought I’d start by wearing it plain. Turns out it’s a really comfortable dress and I’m kicking myself for not getting it out sooner.

Confession: I was paranoid this morning that I was channelling the Jetsons with the pointy capped sleeves. Mr Q assured me that wasn’t the case, but I did seriously consider tucking the sleeves under…

It's Only A Bargain (4)

[Dress: second-hand $6]


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